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FAQ - Confirmation



Is Confirmation changing?

No. In this coming year, we want to keep our Sacraments consistent. The only change is that we are going back to using Ascension Press' CHOSEN Confirmation series. This is a curriculum that the parish has used in the past. You can learn more about it here

Will Confirmation require work outside of classes?

No, it will not. As with previous years, if a student misses a class, there will be makeup work, but otherwise there is no outside work. 

Will there be a Confirmation retreat?

As with past years, there is a St. Mary's Confirmation retreat. This year, it will take place in Fall, 2018, most likely in October - November on a Saturday afternoon to a Sunday morning. Details coming ASAP! 

What service hours are required?

You must complete 15 hours of service. 5/15 hours may be service given to the parish, while 10 hours must be direct interaction with the Poor and Vulnerable, as per Catholic Social Teaching. What does that mean? It means working directly with those in the community who most need our help, rather than fundraising or collecting materials. This could be service such as donating time at St. Ben's meal program, or working with Christ Child Society. There will be a service board posted online, and at the Beata youth room with upcoming opportunities for service, as well as group service day trips during which you can complete these hours.

I have to complete service hours for Scouts / School / other... can those hours count for my Confirmation hours?



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